Design & Experience​

The Challenges of Web Innovation​

04 April 2023​

500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

About the Event​

Are your designs the best? You may. But a design is the best only when it matches your client’s needs and brings more customers. Let us work on this together.

Like every once in a while we need to upgrade a technology to match with the latest trend, so is it with design. It is important to study and understand the client’s needs and merge it with the latest design trend that’ll help attract more customers.

In this special seminar, we’ll understand the changes observed in client requirements and some realistic designs that work.

Event Schedule​

This isn’t another day-long session repeating the things we know. We’ve designed and framed them well, so every minute introduces a new concept and a different point of view to adopt.

08:45 AM​

Introduction & Opening

Speaker: James Scott​

09:00 AM​

Current Design Strategies

Speaker: Jane Roberts​

10:30 AM​

Future of Design & Web

Speaker: Hank Freeman​

12:30 PM​

Lunch Time​

Speaker: James Scott​

01:30 PM​

Client and User Experience

Speaker: Robert Reid​

02:30 PM​

AI & Web Design

Speaker: Alex Keller​

03:30 PM​

Design Flow​

Speaker: Tina Flores​

05:00 PM​

Conclusion & QA Session

Speaker: James Scott​

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