Practitioners Notice Board


All of these practitioners have confirmed that they are available in Arillas & environs at the time of the Evolve gathering however the listings here are intended as information only. Listings do not constitute recommendations or imply any discounts to normal prices. Any discount they offer will be at their discretion.

If you are interested to book a session we recommend you get in touch with your preferred practitioner at the earliest opportunity. Practitioners may offer the option to come to your accommodation or other location that suits or you may need to travel to where they have suitable space. Please take responsibility for your welfare, your finances & your personal data.

Igor Ezendam

Dutch born singer & multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer & teacher of vocal harmonics. Igor lives in Corfu when he is not touring. Igor offers Vocal Liberation & Overtone Singing seminars, individual Voice Coaching & SoundMassage sessions. For more information:


Whatsapp: +33 6 41 38 64 24

Arianna Artioli

Arianna is a Yoga teacher & a holistic wellness advocate, born in Italy, adopted by Switzerland & since 2017 living between France and Corfu. Arianna offers a variety of private sessions including delicious, delightful Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage for 90 or 120 minutes.


Whatsapp: +30 690 753 0762


Athanasia is Greek living in Corfu with her family. A herbalist & beekeeper making Back to the Roots herbal organic remedies from native plants & practices ethical Wildcrafting. Athanasia offers personal health & healing sessions using Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.), energy healing & a synergy of Tibetan KuNye massage, Hippocratic & TCM principles.


Whatsapp: +30 697 726 4357

Colleen Grassnick

Colleen is a qualified Naturopath (BSc, BNat). She offers private consultations where she will discuss your health & any chronic or acute ailments you may have. In her practice, she recommends evidence based herbal & nutritional treatments as well as dietary & lifestyle changes to address a variety of health conditions. Together, she will work holistically to guide your body through its natural healing pathways & for you to achieve your optimum health!


T: +30 6931091551


Chandrakala or Bettina

Chandrakala is a German massage therapist who has travelled the world; living in India & New Zealand & is currently living the dream in Corfu. She offers (1) Traditional Deep Tissue Massage – a muscular massage adjusted to release & heal your body system of pain & blockages and (2) Lymphatic Massage – for the stimulation of the metabolism, for drainage of the lymph system, detoxification & strengthening the immune system.

Whatsapp: +30 6948611590


Mandira Bliss

Mandira is Italian. Searching for beauty & truth he went to India as a teenager to meet & learn from Osho. He lived in his Ashram for 10 years learning the art of Meditation, Healing & Bodywork therapies. For over 30 years he has worked to support somatic embodiment through Yogic awareness, Massage & Love. He is currently living in Corfu & offers sessions in Kobido, a Japanese face lift & beauty technique as well as foot & his signature Bliss Massage.

T: +39 3478158703

Facebook: facebook/mandirawellness

Sacha Heath

Sacha offers private Yin yoga sessions to address themes in your emotions or your life in general that you wish to reflect upon, transform or encourage. A quiet, slow & cooling style of yoga it invites a calmer nervous system, healthier joints, flexibility, trauma release in the body & fascia. As a Mantra & Kirtan singer & teacher she also offers 1:1 Yoga of Sound sessions to sing with freedom & express your unique voice.

Whatsapp/Signal: +30 698 392 5109

Lea Meridjen

Lea offers deeply transformative healing sessions with carefully selected and lovingly cared for high vibrational crystals. Each session is a journey where the crystals guide you to the roots of your energy blockages and lead you through the process of release. After the session you will experience crystal clear clarity on all levels of your body and a deep sense of harmony and peace throughout your entire field.

Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal: +49 1789707689


Elena Kipriotis

Elena grew up in Corfu & studied photography & digital graphic design in Athens where she lived & worked as a photographer for 13 years. Elena is a much sought after photographer and we last year she captured the spirit of Evolve 2022 in all its forms. She is available this year for private photo sessions for personal or professional images for Evolve participants during the week of the gathering.

Whatsapp: +30 693 413 4132


Christina Valeska

Yoga therapist, Ayurveda nutritionist, feminine embodiment facilitator, as well as specialization in trauma release, therapeutic-bodywork, intuitive energy work and Human Design.

Christina offers her work in person and online, in English and German. She does Soul Embodiment Sessions, Soul-based coaching, Human Design readings, intuitive movement, massage and breathwork (90min/111€).

Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal: +491627824051


Bianca Bejan

Bianca offers powerful, personal Kundalini Energy Activation sessions. Bianca is a spiritual & life coach, a healer with touch abilities, living between Barcelona & Corfu. She is certified in energetic work as Kundalini activation/ Inner dance & Reiki, Ashtanga yoga & trauma release breathing. With her personal style & intuition is capable of sensing the body & energies through her hands, eyes & intentions. Besides her single sessions, she facilitates small groups & couples as well.

T: +34 640186018


Instagram: @bianca_energy.healing


Naveen Li

Originally from Taiwan, Naveen now lives in Corfu. She is a multi-talented intuitive, energy healer, massage therapist & tarot reader. She is an internationally trained & recognised Biodanza® Facilitator & Didacta & will be joining us at Evolve to explore the integration & expression of love as part of our Evolve The Journey workshop.

In addition she offers 1hr individual channelling sessions supported by tarot/oracle cards as needed for 70 euros per session.



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