Evolve The Gathering

for pleasure, purpose & possibility

16 – 22 June 2024 – Corfu, Greece


Being in the shade of olive trees, feeling connected to the earth, and nourished by the special green clay of this land, immersed in the azure blue Ionian sea.

Savouring sun-soaked lunches under thatched beach umbrellas, breathing in beautiful evenings, facing the mythical dragon rock, and the setting sun.

This is a time to germinate and create… new possibilities await, with connections and opportunities to express and realize what really matters to you at this gathering and beyond.

Imagine celebrating, and receiving with gratitude & appreciation the true magic of Evolve.

In the spirit of kinship, connection and possibility, come join us.


& Ritual

Experience ceremony and ritual to support you to open, receive and assimilate all that is available for you. This provides structures that serve you individually and collectively. Create end results that are pleasurable, purposeful and open you to the magnificent possibilities of life.


Participate in Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, and other practices to help us experience and anchor our consciousness to the land and the present moment. Sessions are suitable for all levels from beginner to yogi.

& Transformation

Till the soil of your imagination. Nurture the creative aspects of your consciousness. Travel together with others, and experience the mystery, as we grow and flourish alongside one another.


Enjoy time to assimilate. Soften the mind, allowing seeds of possibility from your day to land and take root. Time to reconnect yourself in stillness.

Conversations & Celebrations

Pleasure is our birthright, celebration is your nature. Delight in feasting together. Enjoy delicious conversation, sharing our gifts and talents. Lift your voices and unwind on the dance floor. Let live.

Artisan & Holistic Offerings

Experience wellness and connection to nature. Visit our Notice Board with local offerings for face and body, mind and soul (including products, reading, and other holistic services).


🌱 We look forward to welcoming you at Evolve 2024. It promises to be magical

All Tickets Include

🌱 Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & other awareness & assimilation sessions

🌱 Evolve The Journey workshop

🌱 Evening entertainment; including conversations, concerts, music, singing and more!

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What’s Not Included

Flights, Accommodation, Airport shuttle, Local transport (scooter hire from 10 euros per day), Travel insurance, Food & Drinks


Anne K Scott

Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul

Anne’s work marries the possibility of imagination with her experience of creative technology & structure to deliver end results that matter. Anne, dedicated to beautiful crazy possibilities, lives a peripatetic life with collaborators & kin around the world. Natural Success Coach of the Year 2022 & Founder of Evolve.

Taylor Roark

The adventure you seek in life is yourself!

Taylor is committed to transformational change by facilitating purpose & conscious contribution in the world. Former blacksmith, corporate lawyer & renewable energy consultant, he lives life as a mythical adventure. He is a Natural Success coach & Producer on the Evolve Team.

Chloe Bourjalliat

Awarding winning life coaching for women

Growing up between France, Paraguay & the Caribbean, Chloé is a global citizen & adventuring beach babe at heart. United Nations interpreter, Founder of Cool Girls Club, coach & Evolve Communications Liaison, she’s committed to supporting others make their dreams come true.

Priya Mahtani

Dreaming the Future awake, together

Writer, Communications Catalyst & Group Facilitator, Priya is passionate about community building & connection. Founder of the School of Sophia, a modern-day sanctuary for parents & educators, she is excited to support the Evolve team behind-the-scenes and with social media.


Registration for Evolve takes place on Sunday 16 June. Registration opens at 12 noon.

Awareness Practice sessions are available Monday through to Saturday from 7.30-8.30am, before our Evolve The Journey sessions from 10am-1.30pm.

Afternoons are yours. You can fill your time with things like: lunch, siesta, sunbathing; swimming; writing postcards; meeting friends (old and new); coffee/tea and cake or check out our NoticeBoard and arrange a BodyWork or other session with local practitioners.

Our typical daily schedule resumes at 6pm with an Assimilation practice designed to serve you to process your day.

Our Evening schedule includes hosted dinner conversations, music, movement & other entertainment to thrill and delight your soul. 


This is a gathering of minds, a gathering of potential; each of us with unique gifts, skills, and talents to share. What can we discover and create together in this crucible?

As an Evolve The Journey ticket holder, you may offer a contribution to the programme, for example an awareness practice, an assimilation practice, or an entertainment offering. You may also apply to be our resident Writer, Artist or Videographer/Photographer.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you will be sent further information about making a proposal to share your contribution. Every proposal is welcomed and will be considered fully in the context of the overall end result of our gathering. The submission of a proposal submission is no guarantee of acceptance. Final decisions are at the discretion of the Evolve Team.


Alison Pilling

Alison Pilling is a writer & sex educator. She works with people to explore the important area of sexuality which is, at heart, the search for connection to self, other & spirit. She started her tantra journey at 49 and has spent the last 8 years working with pioneering teachers & exploring the world of conscious sexuality. Ali is interested in how we can have every day intimacy, connection & pleasure that we define and want & feel.



Athanasia is Greek living in Corfu with her family. Caretaker of nature, champion of resilient Ecosystems & Communities. A herbalist & beekeeper making Back to the Roots herbal organic remedies from native plants & practices ethical Wildcrafting. She offers QiGong, Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.), energy healing & a synergy of Tibetan KuNye massage, Hippocratic & TCM principles.

Sacha Heath

Sacha is a yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer & co-founder of Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu. Her love of yoga, meditation & mantras started at the young age of 11. She believes the joys of yoga should be accessible to all & is honoured to have taught in-person & online to thousands. She lives between Corfu island in & the UK with husband Ben, their two young children & two pampered dogs. She offers yoga & ceremonial music at Evolve.

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Everything you need to plan your trip to Arillas, Corfu and the Evolve Gathering.








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