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Creating a more beautiful world

In 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that the Universe is not, as we assumed, static but rather that it is expanding. In this Universe change is inherent. In this Universe we have power to choose how we want to evolve and what we want to create.

At the core of all Evolve events is the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Our events are set up to serve the breadth and depth of the journey for everyone. Our facilitators practise the art of evolving, and are dedicated to living lives of deep satisfaction and contribution on the edge of this expanding Universe.

Evolve The Spirit Led Leadership Program

9 month online blended learning

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14 September 2024 – 1 June 2025

Evolve The Journey

a gathering for pleasure, purpose & possiblity

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16 – 22 June 2024, Corfu, Greece

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We are in service to evolution. If have a specific question or enquiry get in touch using the form below.

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